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              • Welcome to xingao?

                The leading manufacturer of
                PA66GF25 insulating strips

              • More Green, Better World

                We are creating the green!

              • REALLY PROVIDE VALUE
                FOR CUSTOMERS

                Offer the best cost performance
                products in the market

              Company advantage

              Xingao? is an ISO 9001 qualified manufacturer specialized in engineering plastic raw material and plastic products. The company has strong R&D, extensive production plant and comprehensive quality control system.

              Product advantage

              Xingao? involved in the preparation of Chinese national standard GB/T23615.1-2009 auxiliary materials used in aluminum profiles, Xingao? brand is recommended by China Construction Metal Structure Association.

              Advantage of cooperation

              Xingao? Company state mission:CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. Xingao? has built up its full operating management system centered by the customers satisfaction.

              More about xingao?

              • The devil is always in the details
              • Team C.A.R.E——Customer、Attitude、Results、Enthusiasm
              • We live our values, support each other and deliver results.
              • Success comes from our advantage